TEN, headquartered in Kortrijk and offices in Sint-Niklaas, Westerlo, Genk and recently Antwerp Center, offers innovative solutions in the field of global engineering. Since the first of January, TEN has been divided into 4 separate business units: TEN, nio, elva and ONiKi. TEN is fully committed to Product Development. 

Growth is seizing opportunities, making choices and defining even more sharply what you want to do as a company. To give this growth every opportunity and to serve customers even better, TEN continues as TEN, nio, elva and ONiKi. The choice of names was continued with numbers in foreign languages.

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TEN is an experienced player who focuses 100% on Product Development and develops marketable products. From design, production and engineering to marketing: Design it. Make it. Master it. 
nio – nine in Swedish - is a specialized scanning agency. The expert in 3D scanning of reality via laser or blue light scanning. Nio, when data becomes key.
TEN plus one is eleven or elva. It is no coincidence that elva is a consultancy agency for providing temporary additional resources and know-how in the field of Design, Engineering and Management. Elva, extra brains to the rescue.
ONiKi - twelve in Turkish - finally, is an agency specialized in visualizations. ONiKi visualizes the ideas of the customers on the basis of sketches, renders, animations, 3D videos, VR-AR and mixed reality applications. ONiKi, when IDEA becomes I SEE. 

With this step, TEN is determined to continue writing enthusiastically about his story. Brighter, more sharply, bolder and with even more expertise.