We are pleased to announce to you that Gerd Van Cauteren (49) takes on the role of Lead Engineer Design within TEN since yesterday, January 2nd, 2019.

With Gerd TEN is clearly accelerating and we want to give our TENgineers, customers and prospects a clear signal how important Product Design is within TEN. We want to clearly endorse and support our vision that Product Development is the sum of Design, Engineering and Management with the right resources. Only this combination creates a feasible and marketable product.

Gerd obtained a Master in Product Development in Antwerp in 1992 and then studied for another year at the University of Compiègne (FR). Gerd has been working as a Product Designer since 1993 and is a consultant within design and innovation.

From 1995 to 2015 he had his own design studio and worked for different companies within similar sectors. He also taught at the University of Antwerp for two years as a guest lecturer, as a result of which Gerd is also working on the development and refinement of design techniques and the development of specific methodologies.

Since 2015 he has been working as Managing Consultant Design & Innovation where he has taken the lead in several projects. We are looking forward to growing together.

We are very happy that we met Gerd when he was looking for a new challenge and he was a free man on the job market. This is definitely a great opportunity for Gerd & TEN and a very nice start to 2019.

We let Gerd speak for himself:
"My name is Gerd Van Cauteren and I am 49. Together with my wife Nathalie and our 4 children we form a new family in Hamme, I choose to go through life with an open mind and to be creative with the opportunities that come my way, I am passionate about Product Development in general, more specifically I am an 'out of the box' thinker who sees the translation of innovative concepts into well-developed products as a challenge. My years of experience as Product Designer allows me to work in a multidisciplinary and team way with the aim of finding the right added value in a project, I am always looking for inspiration and in my free time I like to travel. Now and then, I go to a concert, frequently for a good cause. Regards, Gerd. "

We wish Gerd a warm welcome and good luck!