DBOX offers a limited range of polyester roof boxes which they manufacture in their own workshop. DBOX are well-known for their spacious roof boxes, which accommodate a large volume of luggage and even skis. Their latest development is a roof box that offers even more space, and takes into account aerodynamics, as well. 

Mounting this roof box on roof rails, however, presented a major challenge, as did properly locking it. 


Single-point locking of the roof box turned out to be no longer possible. The sheer size of the box requires a multi-point locking system. To be able to easily open and close the box from side on, requires a single point release mechanism, on the curb side. 
DBOX’s smooth surface and immense volume being its great selling points, it is important that the locking mechanism does not take up too much space. 
Naturally, seamlessly integrating the lever and lock into the body of the box was of paramount importance. Everything had to fit into one shape. 


Mounting a roof box of this size onto your car is not as obvious as it seems. The box has to fit many types of roof rails available on the market. There are variants for almost every car type, as well as a plethora of universal roof carriers. The main specifications for the mounting clamps were that they had to be very easy to use and required no additional tools from the user. The final design for the mounting clamps is a unique model that fits all existing rails and can be clamped on manually. In terms of the design, we had to be careful about not violating any patents of our competitors / colleagues. 

The multi-point locking system developed into a reliable and compact system that is seamlessly integrated into the body of the roof box. The corresponding lock fits perfectly with the design of the new roof box.