Design of a new public dustbin for the consortium of the Leiedal intercommunal body and the municipalities in the Kortrijk region. This project is part of a European project called TRIPOD II. The new public dustbin trash must meet predetermined criteria within three domains under study: smart management, smart object and smart behaviour. 

With TEN agency’s support as a facilitator, several opportunities were explored during co-creation workshops. In these sessions, various stakeholders joined forces, using a variety of TEN tools to identify needs, brainstorm ideas, develop concepts and ultimately present a tangible final design. 


This new urban dustbin concept combines smart solutions on various levels. Integrated technologies support an optimal waste process management. Separation of waste is encouraged by the design language and specific collection elements for PMD and residual waste.
The overall design looks inviting, and the proposed materials fit the story of the circular economy. The design also takes into account the ergonomics of emptying a dustbin. Additionally, the bin can be personalized with optional and modular elements. 


TEN agency has now been entrusted with further development of the concept in cooperation with partners who are specialized in digital technology and several production companies. A prototype will allow the various stakeholders and municipalities to put the dustbin to the test.